Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/21 Sharon Myers "Reassessing the 'Proofreading Trap'..."

What were your reactions to this reading? How might these ideas help you as a tutor? How might these ideas help you as a writer?

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  1. Having had an influx of ESL students this semester, I found rereading this essay to be especially helpful currently for my skills as a tutor.

    Dealing with ESL students becomes difficult, because grammatical errors become the central focus of the appointment. What tutors need to remember is that communication often helps the student more than line-by-line editing. Give the student the pen, but that doesn't mean we cannot go over grammar. By explaining out the rules, rather than simply fixing the mistakes, tutors can engage in dialogue to help the student practice their communication skills, and also show them a practical use of the grammar they studied in their English language classes.

    Knowing how to present resources to the ESL student, whether in print or online, becomes another essential skill when tutoring ESL students.